Breaking the Mental Logjam: The Power of Joy

By Julie Benezet:   It’s been quiet up here in the treehouse, at least outwardly. While I often sit among its calming branches, it’s been hard in the past few months to find pearls of wisdom to rise above the current political and cultural insanity. Down on the ground, I’ve focused my work on dealing with […]

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The Journey in Verse

By Julie Benezet: Over the holidays, I attended a Boxing Day party for which each of the guests was asked to bring something creative to share. Being a little shy of sharing my latest Pulitzer prize winning novel or belting out an aria or two (just kidding), I wasn’t sure what to offer. I responded […]

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3D Journey Covers

Pursuing the New with a New Book

By Julie Benezet: It began with, “WHERE is the book?” The question came from well-meaning friends and colleagues during the several years I spent not writing said book. Eventually I ran out of excuses and ground out The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None. When […]

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Discovering Your Roots Can Boost Your Growth

By Julie Benezet: The popular PBS program, “Finding Your Roots,” brought home, literally and figuratively, how familial roots run deep, offering insights from distant times and places. With his calm presence, the host, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., mesmerized his guests as he slowly unfolded the many layers of his research into their family histories. Uncovering […]

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Leading in the Discomfort Zone

By Julie Benezet: For most people the word, “discomfort,” conjures up a physical sensation—a slight sick feeling in the stomach, a disorienting unease, an accelerating heart rate. Whatever is happening, chances are, it doesn’t feel good. Life is about to get complicated, firing up signals that say, “Uh-oh.” What does this mean? It can mean […]

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Can the “Real Me” Succeed to Lead? – Part 2

By Julie Benezet: Five Building Blocks for Closing the Gap Between Personal and Executive Presence Part 2: Five Building Blocks By Julie Benezet “Always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a second-rate version of someone else.” –Judy Garland As described in Part 1 of this blog, executives often struggle with how to be […]

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