Overcoming Uncertainty

When Anxiety Strikes, What Do You Do?

Blog Post – The View from /the Treehouse

You never know what you’ll discover on a daily walk. Some days you learn more than others. A recent walk reminded me of the galvanizing force of anxiety…


Living Through Uncertainty: Traveling the Bumpy Road to Change

Blog Post – The View from /the Treehouse

My husband and I had traveled 32 hours through four airports and too many waiting rooms. We arrived home exhausted, reeking of the coffee we had dumped in our laps on flight segment number three and needing a long sleep in our own bed. It felt great to be back…


My Elliptical Life: Three Ways to Ground Yourself to Lead in Chaotic Times

Blog Post – The View from the Treehouse

Two years ago, my doctor told me to face facts: if I continued to run, my knees would turn into sponge cake, or words to that effect. Feeling the sponginess already coming on, I begrudgingly doffed my running shoes and moved into the gym. There I made the acquaintance of the elliptical machine. I expected to strengthen my legs and physical core…

Lost Businesswoman

Leadership Matters: Dealing With Change And Overcoming Uncertainty

Article – CU Management Magazine

Life in the realm of financial services is really challenging. Incredible, scary and daunting changes appear one after another, and leaders wonder how to handle them. The world is changing so quickly that we sometimes stagger under the complexity and uncertainties. Stability is gone. Relentless change is the norm…


Embrace the Fear! Tackle the Uncertainty

Article – The Fox Magazine

In 1999, Julie Benezet was the new Director for a fledgling dot com called Amazon. Her challenge was to figure out how to lease just the right real estate and buildings in just the right places, to help the company survive and thrive…


After the Cancer Diagnosis: Six Steps for Moving from Fear to Action

Article – Onco’Zine, The International Oncology Network

A diagnosis of cancer triggers distress, uncertainty and fear ? all of which creates the need for many important conversations with the patient, physician, family and care providers. The key to dealing with these emotional reactions is to work through a series of six steps that will help the patient to overcome the paralysis they can cause and move forward…