Finding Fuel for Your Dreams: Lessons from The Boys on the Boat and Other Lake Stories

Blog Post – The View from the Treehouse

My day began with Atom Ant. After dragging through one depressing news article after another, I raised my eyes toward the lake in search of a vista that did not include murder, mayhem, or mean spiritedness. I needed inspiration to focus on something positive…

rowing crews

Breaking the Mental Logjam: The Power of Joy

Blog Post – The View from the Treehouse

It’s been quiet up here in the treehouse, at least outwardly. While I often sit among its calming branches, it’s been hard in the past few months to find pearls of wisdom to rise above the current political and cultural insanity. Down on the ground, I’ve focused my work on dealing with uncertainty in everything from clogged communication channels to cancer diagnoses…


Hitting the Re-Set button—Five Steps to Overcome Inertia

Blog Post – The View from the Treehouse

With holidays come interesting dynamics. Many years ago, I lived in a New York Chelsea neighborhood loft. In the middle of said loft sat a fancy, schmancy, over-the-top Garland range. Why we had such an elaborate stove is beyond me. As proper Manhattanites, we almost always ate out, but the ostentatious stove provided a trendy centerpiece…


Discovering Your Roots Can Boost Your Growth

Blog Post – The View from the Treehouse

The popular PBS program, “Finding Your Roots,” brought home, literally and figuratively, how familial roots run deep, offering insights from distant times and places. With his calm presence, the host, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., mesmerized his guests as he slowly unfolded the many layers of his research into their family histories. Uncovering unknown ethnicities, surprising vocations, or even family scandals afforded them unexpected insights into their present-day perceptions, behaviors, and choices…


A Love Supreme: The Day I Rediscovered Jazz, Cooking, and Rebooting

Blog Post – The View from the Treehouse

It hit me when I heard the news about the discovery of a lost John Coltrane recording. The seven cut recording preceded by two years his 1965 album, “A Love Supreme,” that secured his reputation as a jazz giant. When I read the article about the discovery, something clicked, something that was long overdue…


Can the “Real Me” Lead and Succeed? – Part 1

Blog Post – The View from the Treehouse

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” The ever-quotable Oscar Wilde gives what seems like obvious advice. However, for many leaders that’s easier said than done. It is not that they don’t want to be themselves. It’s just that being oneself is . . . well, complicated. Somehow it does not always square easily with what executives believe they are supposed to project to succeed as leaders…


Can the “Real Me” Succeed to Lead? – Part 2

Blog Post – The View from the Treehouse

As described in Part 1 of this blog, executives often struggle with how to be their “real” selves and still succeed as leaders. Images of perfect, self-confident behavior get confused with the actual meaning of executive presence. Executives who succeed come across to their constituents as “real” people who have lived and learned from life. As leaders, they pursue the new, take chances with ideas and behaviors, and gain wisdom from their mistakes…


Fighting Fear of the Unknown: 4 Steps to Navigate the New

Article – SWAAY

We are all originals. Each of us travels with our own life story, values and dreams for the future. We start forming these from the moment we enter this world and build on them as life experiences influence our hearts and minds…


Lack of Time Is Good for You

Article – The ZWEIG Letter

Time limits tighten focus, propel you over challenging hurdles, and maximize your chances of success…


Don’t Let Fear Stall Your Career – Four Don’ts and What to Do About Them

Article – Ms. Career Girl

A fashionably dressed woman glides into my office, a tall cup of steaming java in her hand. She settles down into the chair across from me, ready to discuss the state of her career. She has worked hard to succeed in her current job, giving her a sense of both pride and satisfaction…


The Journey of the Unknown

Article – Reaching the Finish Line

Uncertainty is troubling for many people. What to do among it can be the determiner of who survives…