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In the Press: The Journey of Not Knowing

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Leading Change in Times of Great Uncertainty

How do we deal with uncertainty? The guest on this episode of Talking Business Now—Julie Benezet—has some ideas on how to handle it. And she has the experience to back it up….
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In Chamber: The Podcast

Julie Benezet gave up a law career to enter real estate development and later was an early executive at Amazon. Both provided valuable lessons in overcoming the unknown…

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Five on 5 Interview

Craig Smullin of KOBI-TV and Julie discuss the importance of embracing change and how leaders need to learn that being cool is not so cool when trying to discover new ideas that will work.

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Alive@5 Host David Leonard Interviews Julie Benezet

David Leonard and Julie talk about leadership, leadership psychology and the challenges of leading in scariness of the internet age.

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Dealing with Stress and Uncertainty in Our Chaotic World (interview at 28:16)

Ted Michaels of the 900 CHML Radio Health and Wellness Show talks with Julie about her mission to help peple deal with the stress and anxiety brought on by our chaotic world.

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Leading change: How one woman helped then-fledgling Amazon survive and thrive

Ryan Jespersen interviews Julie Benezet, author of The Journey of Not Knowing, and former director at Amazon.

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The Pilot Podcast: Elevate!

Give a listen to the engaging pilot episode of Elevate! I had the honor of participating in its first fireside chat (18:46) with Jennifer Paylor who leads the IBM Coaching Practice. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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How Business Leaders Can Navigate the Unknown — and Thrive

Julie Benezet joined Amazon in 1998, when the company was just another ambitious startup in the nascent business of internet retail.

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The Government Shutdown: How to Embrace the Unknown to Survive and Thrive

Julie Benezet’s January 23, 2019 interview with Steve Bertrand on WGN’s Wintrust Business Lunch.

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Bert Martinez Interview with Julie Benezet

Bert Martinez is a best selling author, star of TV’s Beverly Hills Pawn, and radio show host of Money For Lunch. In this video he interviews Julie and discusses her career and her book, The Journey of Not Knowing.

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Becoming Comfortable with Uncertainty with Julie Benezet

Julie Benezet discusses the importance of taking risks and being comfortable with the discomfort of outcome uncertainty—and how you can achieve that comfort.

Listen to the entire podcast at How to Be Awesome at Your Job.

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Ashland Author Gives Advice For Journeying Into The Unknown

“To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before” is great for Star Trek, but it can be a little scary in real life…

Rogue Valley lawyer/business executive/author Julie Benezet recognizes the difficulties, and offers advice in a book called The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None.

Listen to the entire interview on Jefferson Public Radio.

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The Journey of Not Knowing with Julie Benezet

“What’s really interesting about your journey as you go through life and business, etc., is that you may end up wearing many hats over time. You may become something you never expected at any given moment in time. And ultimately you may pop out the other end going ‘Wow, this is really amazing, all the experience that I’ve had and things I’ve done, and now I get to use them in completely different capacities than [I] ever expected.’… Ultimately you are serving people and. . . doing things you care about deeply.” J Massey

Investor, entrepreneur, business owner and educator J Massey and Julie talk about entrepreneurship, the scariness of the new, and what Julie learned about the new and unknown at Amazon. Listen to Cash Flow Diary Podcast Episode #380.

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The Donna Seebo Show – Julie Benezet Interview

“Leadership is the idea of how to make things better for your relevant stakeholders whether they are your customers, your team or your community. And then bringing other people along to make those better things happen. That’s leadership in a nutshell…In order to do this you have to go into a place of experimentation and that is scary. A lot of people run away from that. That to me is the difference between leadership and management.” — Julie Benezet

Listen to the full interview:

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Tom Hogan Shares the Ultimate Startup Guide, Plus Learn How Leaders Chart a Course Where There is None

Julie Benezet has devoted her professional life to building companies, real estate and careers. She currently works as an executive coach, following 25 years in business and law. She is the author of the book “The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None”. A hard-wired entrepreneur, Julie spent four years as Amazon’s first real estate executive through the company’s early steep ramp up phase to its emergence as an established business. Listen to the entire interview on

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Greg Cellini Radio Interview

Julie was recently interviewed by Greg Cellini of Thank God for Mondays on WSOU. Listen to the entire free podcast on iTunes.

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Taking Chances to Lead Change in the 21st Century: Why It’s Cool Not to Be So Cool

The internet changed all the rules. Life has always had its challenges when new things showed up, but most of the time we thought we could handle them. Read Article »

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After the Cancer Diagnosis: Six Steps for Moving from Fear to Action

When it comes to the scariness of the unknown, few things are scarier than dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Here are some navigation tools. Read Article »

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Building Your Practice: Here are 5 Steps to Move You Forward

Building a successful practice requires taking chances. It means trying out new ideas without knowing how they will land with your clients. Read Article »

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Former Director of Global Real Estate for Amazon Shares Leadership Lessons

Julie Benezet shares her experiences working as the global real estate director for the Internet commerce giant. Read Article »

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Hospitality Giants 2017 Take Over Seattle

Julie Benezet, author of The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Cenutry Leaders Can Chart A Course Where There Is None. A seasoned leadership consultant, Benezet takes her foundational knowledge of both business and law to prepare today’s leaders to navigate the changing landscape of 21st-century commerce and technology. Read Article »

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Your Baby Is Ugly

Successful leaders have to be able to deliver tough messages. Use these six strategies to navigate difficult conversations. Read Article »

The Perils of Over-Functioning

When executives do too much, they might be avoiding a problem, and they can damage the firm in the process. Read Article »

Who, Me?

When working on a project, there are various human roadblocks that consistently clog the path to project execution. Read Article »

Winning Workplaces Have (Your) Ears

A lot of people leave their jobs because they hate their bosses. They stay because the C-suite listens to what they have to say. Read Article »

Here They Come!

Approximately 10,000 baby boomers will retire every day over the next decade. By 2030, millennials will comprise three-quarters of the U.S. workforce. Read Article »

Office Bullies

They are everywhere, but they don’t have to win. Identify their behavior and rectify it, or risk losing your staff. Read Article »

Office Tribalism

Tribes provide compelling places for support, validation, and direction, but tribalism cannot be allowed to thwart a firm’s success. Read Article »

The Reward of Change

Change is hard, for everyone, but the reward of entering the discomfort zone is valuable new information and opportunity. Read Article »

The ‘strategy thing’

Can strategic thinking be learned? Sure, if you know where to start and are mindful of the mileposts along the way. Read Article »

Pivotal Moment, Pivotal Decisions

Under threat, firms solve problems when leaders commit to the right roles and the right people to inform, inquire, and act. Read Article »

Avoiding Conflict Avoidance

Handle the difficult conversations by knowing who you are, learning about other people, and knowing what’s needed to win. Read Article »

Promote Risk-Taking

For the next generation of leaders to be successful, they’ll need a mindset sculpted by strategy, new ideas, and a willingness to embrace the unknown. Read Article »

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Leadership as a Mindset, Not a Job Description

How does an organization cultivate the next generation of leaders? Leadership expert Julie Benezet discusses why it’s not as easy as it seems in this EXCLUSIVE interview. Read Article »

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The Leadership Labyrinth

To find the new ideas necessary to take your credit union to the next level, you may need to walk empty, unknown corridors. Read Article »

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That Accountability Thing: Where Leaders Go to Hide

Leadership accountability involves navigating complicated human dynamics, including their own. Read Article »

Don’t Act Until You React: 5 Strategies to Build Mental Preparedness to Lead Change

Leadership is not a job. It is a mindset of keeping an eagle eye on what is happening around you and seeing every moment as a strategic opportunity. Read Article »

Unclogging the Communication Channel

Communication requires knowledge and compassion. Learning what influences both you and the people you connect with pays endless dividends. Read Article »

The Leadership Life Is Messy: 5 Ideas to Address the Mess

Leadership requires something that lies outside of the orderly world of tools and skills. That something is wrestling with the messiness of the leadership life, where much is unknown and uncontrollable. Read Article »

The Power of Getting Along: How Group Cohesion Can Promote Learning

Training is all about improvement. It provides an opportunity to lift the game and build new capabilities. It is worth remembering the magic training offers – and to celebrate it! Read Article »

Why Succession Plans Don’t Happen

Nothing is more important to an organization’s future than ensuring that it will be well led into the future. But what happens if the organization has no plan for leadership succession? Read Article »

When in Doubt, Consider Training … or Not?

Too often, companies automatically choose training rather than tackling the issue underlying the perceived need to train. Read Article »

Navigating Risk: How Do Your Leaders Measure Up?

It began with a question from the chief technology officer (CTO) of a fast-growing firm: “How do I get my team leaders to the next level when measuring success doesn’t involve making or selling products? Read Article »

Conflict Avoidance by Another Name: 4 Steps to Navigate the Discomfort of Feedback

Working through your discomfort to provide feedback is a gift to your employee, your organization and you. Read Article »

The Risky Business of Leadership: Four Mileposts on the Road to Building a Leadership Mindset

Leading is not easy. If it were, more people would do it, and do it well. Yet, never have we needed leadership more than in the chaos of our modern, hyper-connected world. Read Article »

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The Secret To Saying No Without Pissing People Off

Swaay featured article by Julie Benezet.

Time is precious. Never has it been harder to find than in the manic, hyper-connected 21st century world of work. Read Article »

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7 Ways for Business Leaders to Successfully Navigate and Overcome the Unknown

Here are 7 ways leaders can face the future in a world of divisive politics, shifting expectations and constantly looming unknowns. Read Article »

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4 Tips to Navigate Enterprise Unknowns and Grow Your Business

TechRepublic feature article by Alison DeNisco.

In her book The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None, Julie Benezet explains how to accept fear and failure to grow your business. Read Article »

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Fighting Fear of the Unknown: 4 Steps to Navigate the New

Swaay featured article by Julie Benezet.

We are all originals. Each of us travels with our own life story, values and dreams for the future. Read Article »