Taking Chances to Create Change

Taking Charge of Change:
Six Ideas for Moving from Stuck to Start

Blog Post – The View from the Treehouse

No one has ever said change was easy, but without trying, you could miss exciting opportunities. The hardest part is starting the process…


Leading in the Discomfort Zone

Blog Post – The View from the Treehouse

For most people the word, “discomfort,” conjures up a physical sensation—a slight sick feeling in the stomach, a disorienting unease, an accelerating heart rate. Whatever is happening, chances are, it doesn’t feel good. Life is about to get complicated, firing up signals that say, “Uh-oh.”…


Taking Chances to Drive Change

Article – The Source Summit

You have a dream, something you want to do that holds meaning for you and could create positive change for others. It might be anything…


Timely Tips for Navigating the Unknown Successfully

Article – Home Business

It’s 1999, and Julie Benezet is the new Director for a fledgling dot com called Amazon. Her challenge is to figure out how to lease just the right real estate and buildings in just the right places, to help the company survive and thrive. She has no idea how much space they are going to need, how many books they would be able to sell and ship, and how they will survive from day to day…


COVID and the gift of organizational change

Article – The Zweig Letter

People have adapted to new ways of working and living, and in the process discovered new ways of thinking…


Building Your Practice: Here are 5 Steps to Move You Forward

Article – Massage Magazine

It’s Monday morning. You spent the weekend with an old friend who came to visit.
Everything was going great until she said, “Wow, I can’t believe it’s been five years since you started your massage practice. You must be rocking and rolling with clients. I assume you are having fun!”…


Hospitality Giants 2017 Take Over Seattle

Article – Hospitality Giants

Interior Design’s Hospitality Giants summit, an annual meeting of the top design firms and manufacturers in the sector, concluded today. Over 100 guests traveled to Seattle for discussions about the state of the industry and design-minded adventures in the Emerald City…


Pivotal Moment, Pivotal Decisions

Article – The Zweig Letter

Under threat, firms solve problems when leaders commit to the right roles and the right people to inform, inquire, and act…

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Promote Risk-Taking

Article – The Zweig Letter

For the next generation of leaders to be successful, they’ll need a mindset sculpted by strategy, new ideas, and a willingness to embrace the unknown…

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Don’t Act Until You React: 5 Strategies to Build Mental Preparedness to Lead Change

Article – Training Industry

An executive shows up for his coaching session. “Um,” he says, “I didn’t prepare for this meeting.”…


Navigating Risk: How Do Your Leaders Measure Up?

Article – Training Industry

It began with a question from the chief technology officer (CTO) of a fast-growing firm: “How do I get my team leaders to the next level when measuring success doesn’t involve making or selling products?”…