Tools for Traveling on the Road to Change

Creating change can require more than just thinking about an idea. To assist in the process, here are some tools to try. More tools and exercises can be found in The Journal of Not Knowing workbook.

The Journey Quiz

For executives or people aspiring to a leadership role, this quiz will allow you to evaluate your level of effectiveness in core leadership competencies. If you submit your answers to us, you will receive an assessment of your current state. The assessment is confidential and only you will see the results.


The Journey of Not Knowing Book Discussion Questions

Here are some suggested discussion questions based on the Journey book to spur personal reflection. They can be answered either by yourself or with a group.


Consequences of New Ideas Questionnaire

You decide to grit your teeth and propose a change that means a lot to you. You feel excited about what you want to do, but, something holds you back. Inside your head runs a noisy conversation of fear, self-doubt, and second-guessing.

Do any of the statements in the checklist sound like the conversation inside your head? For each item, check “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.” This is not an intelligence test, but rather an opportunity to build self-awareness. Don’t overthink this. Feel free to add your own sources of reluctance.


Interpersonal Risk Tolerance Checklist

Creating change requires winning buy-in from other people. The process of getting it can be awkward. To know what people need, you have to ask questions no one can or wants to answer and could make them uncomfortable. There is no telling how they will respond.

To overcome their resistance and win their support depends on your ability to deal with people and reactions you’ve wanted to avoid. How are you with taking behavioral risks and what do you need to improve to connect with important stakeholders? The checklist will give you a starting point.