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The Journey of Not Knowing
How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None

The Journey of Not Knowing offers a fast paced, entertaining read that goes to the heart of today’s business and human environment: the constantly changing 21st Century with uncharted waters ahead. The book advances a new approach to creating change that advocates embracing rather than avoiding the scariness of the unknown. It has won several awards including a 2020 Distinguished Favorite NYC Big Book Award for leadership and the 2016 Foreword INDIES Silver Medal for Business & Economics.

Drawing upon her experience as an Amazon executive, finance lawyer and executive coach, the author combines storytelling, business experience and human psychology to navigate a road through the challenges of human behavior on the way to building something better.

The book tells the story of a day in the life at Arrow, Inc., a fictional company. It follows the defended behaviors throughout that day of its eight recognizable leadership team members as they grapple with the mystery of why a client fired them. At stake is a critical piece of new business badly needed by the company. To solve the mystery, each of the team members must face their own past, present and future. The memorable characters in the book are persons with whom the readers will cringingly identify. The book creates a framework for them to confront their resistance to change and tools for achieving new possibilities.

Journey of Not Knowing
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Journal of Not Knowing

The Journal of Not Knowing
Charting Your Own Course

The Journal of Not Knowing, a companion workbook to The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None.

We all have dreams, big and small, but how do we overcome our fears to make them happen? They could fail. People might laugh, resist, or . . . love them. We won’t know until we try. How do we summon the courage to try new ideas to make things better, for ourselves and others? Whether you are leading an organization or looking to make a personal change, The Journal of Not Knowing will guide you through a mission of self-discovery.

The journal offers a companion workbook to The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None. To be used with the Journey book or by itself, the workbook contains provocative questions, exercises, and other tools to explore how you go about navigating the unknown, deal with risk, and work through your fears to pursue your dreams.

Based on many years of work with The Journey of Not Knowing program participants, The Journal of Not Knowing will allow you to work on your own or with others to explore and create a plan to tackle:

  • Your relationship with the unknown.
  • How you handle not knowing whether your ideas will turn out, including how people will react to them.
  • How discomfort with uncertainty shows up in your life and gets in the way of you trying new ideas and behaviors.
  • How to become comfortable with the scariness of the risk.
  • How to avoid sabotaging yourself with defensive behaviors.
  • Finding a purpose to fuel your travel through discomfort on the way to building a better future.
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