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Taking Chances to Lead Change in the 21st Century: Why It’s Cool Not to Be So Cool

Article – Great Leadership – Opinions and information on leadership and leadership development

The internet changed all the rules. Life has always had its challenges when new things showed up, but most of the time we thought we could handle them. While we didn’t love dealing with adversity, because we knew the people and situations involved, things seemed under control, familiar, . . . comfortable. At least that’s what we thought…


The Power of Clarity: Lessons Learned from the Perfect Pie

Blog Post – A View from the Treehouse

Just before Highway 62 makes a northeasterly turn in the direction of Crater Lake sits a Southern Oregon institution. Beckie’s has graced that piece of highway since 1926, offering to its customers hefty plates of traditional gravy smothered American food and its signature dish, traditional berry and cream pies…


The Reward of Change

Article – The ZWEIG Letter, The voice of reason for the AEC industry

Change – a simple yet loaded word, particularly these days. Unless you spent the last year under a rock, you must have noticed that things are rather in flux – make that very in flux. With all the change happening, there is great temptation to escape the discomfort it causes by running for cover. It’s a normal reaction. However, the cost is an opportunity to lead in a different direction…

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