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Julie Benezet loves to pursue the new. She is guided by the belief that to create change you need to view the scariness of the unknown as an opportunity rather than a challenge. Her writing reflects years of learning from listening, doing and taking chances to make life better.

As an executive, lawyer and executive coach, Julie has propelled the growth of organizations and individuals.  She thrives on stirring the pot and comes alive when she can make a difference. There is nothing better than seeing someone smile in relief after uncovering an important truth, take a first step into the mire of uncertainty or discover a key that will unlock an important vote of support. Each move forward rewards them for traveling on the bumpy road of change.

Living in the 21st Century means embracing rather than resisting the discomfort of change.

The Journey of Not Knowing beautifully breaks the business book mold and should be required reading for leaders…It uses a cleverly constructed parable to demonstrate how to navigate business uncertainty. In modern business, one of the most significant challenges leaders face is moving an organization forward even when the answers to critical questions may be unknown. Coping with “not knowing” is the theme of Benezet’s expertly written book. — Foreword Clarion Reviews

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“The Journey of Not Knowing beautifully breaks the business book mold and should be required reading for leaders…”

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