micro managing

Taking the “Micro” Out of Micromanagement

By Julie Benezet: We’ve all met this person. It might even be you. They blow into the room, point in your direction and tell you exactly how to do something down to the tiniest detail: the choice of font, the photos to be inserted, or the attendee list for a meeting. The tone of voice […]

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Leading Collaboration: It’s About Connecting, Not Calm

By Julie Benezet: You have decided that collaboration is an important company value and critical to its culture. However, what does that mean in practice to a leader? Consider the following scene: Leader: Okay, how are we doing on the Xerxes project? Engineer, how is the programming going? Engineer: It’s going, but it would go a whole […]

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Humor As a Business Tool in Unknown Situations

By Julie Benezet: Humor is an underestimated tool in moving business conversations forward. One of the reasons is that making a witty observation involves risking that the audience might be offended, unimpressed or simply not amused. You do not know how it will go until you put your comment into the airspace. However, it is […]

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