Leading in a Crisis:
Five Lessons from the Almeda Fire

By Julie Benezet: Well, I thought I’d come to terms with living life out of control. Crises surround us: a pandemic, a tanked economy, lawless politics. I had accepted having power over basically nothing beyond doing the laundry and making sure we loaded the dishwasher on time. Seated in my home office for another shelter […]

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THINK! Change Depends on It

By Julie Benezet: The New Year dawns and with it comes the urge for change—a change of exercise routine, a change of job, a change of wine intake, a change of administration. No matter what change you choose, as soon as you finger it, you want it to happen. Now. Pounds should automatically melt away […]

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If You Want People to Step Up, You Must Get Off the Step: Three Key Things to Make Leadership Succession Happen

By Julie Benezet: A familiar lament heard among senior leaders these days is, “I can’t get my leadership team to propose, let alone champion new ideas to beat our competition and attract new customers. They just submerge themselves in ongoing projects and leave me to do the heavy lifting.” Whether the comment comes from senior […]

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Leadership and the Unknown: Looking Under the Hood

By Julie Benezet: Success for a leader requires embracing the unknown. Only by seeking out new ideas can leaders reach new strategic directions for their organizations. That is, after all, the job description of a leader. By their very nature, new ideas are untested. You will not know how they will turn out until you […]

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Invest in Developing Your High Potential Talent

By Julie Benezet: Before your high potential talent invests elsewhere. You may be familiar, or even said some of these typical comments we hear from senior executives:  “She’s terrific on projects and magical with clients. In the meantime, her staff is hollering that they have no idea on what they are supposed to focus at […]

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