This is a self-reported instrument that records four levels of scoring:

  • Not Enough “Juice”
  • Not Accelerating
  • On The Move
  • In The Fast Lane

Not Enough “Juice”: Potentially at risk

You tend to stick to the day-to-day business of getting the job done by managing. You may get all the tasks completed, and projects delivered on time and on budget, but may shy away from any calculated risk-taking and stepping out of your comfort zone that leads to bigger bets for you and your organization.

Not Accelerating: Probably safe in role, but with limited upward ability

You may maintain enough visibility and leadership on key initiatives to maintain a good enough reputation, but may not be distinguishing yourself as a real change agent or mover and shaker. Someone to be relied upon, but not someone to give a tough bigger bet to.

On the Move: Doing well, with room to reach higher

You recognize some opportunities, are willing to step out of your “tried and true” practices some of the time. You often raise the bar to make things better for yourself, your team and your organization. You are known as one to hand complex projects to.

In the Fast Lane: Optimizing your career potential

You actively pursue new opportunities, and hold a steady high bar for yourself and others. You create visibility for yourself and your team and have influential impact on key initiatives and decision makers. Bigger bet execution is just part of your day-to-day reality.

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