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The Journey of Not Knowing

The Journey of Not Knowing maximizes the ability of people to lead change for their organizations and themselves. It seeks to guide people through a process to:

  • crystallize their dreams
  • clarify their relationship with risk
  • learn how to avoid sabotaging themselves with self-defeating behaviors
  • discover what gives them meaning to carry them through the scariness of pursuing change

The Journey is available as a keynote speech, half day training or a multi-day program that combines a progressive series of individual and group activities that surface, confront, and support becoming aware of limitations, and actualize a pathway to change.

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Julie welcomes sharing what she has learned about achieving change in the 21st century. Her embrace of the scariness of the unknown has led her into new companies, careers and industries. Based on those experiences and her diverse background in psychology, business and entrepreneurship, she speaks about leading change, overcoming uncertainty and decoding human behavior in the face of change.

Combining conversation, insights, and strategies, Julie enlivens her audiences with ideas and inspiration for confronting the scariness of the unknown to achieve their dreams.

Her topics include:

Taking Chances to Lead Change
Leading change in our constantly shifting, interconnected world can be difficult, yet our attitude and approach to change determines whether we will be successful. Those who thrive will be the ones who see change as an opportunity to grow, not something to resist.

Avoiding Conflict Avoidance
Conflict avoidance appears everywhere in business and in life. Not dealing with it wastes precious time, resources, and talent. Overcoming conflict avoidance requires recognizing its many forms, understanding one’s personal relationship with conflict, and then knowing how to deal with it.

Pioneer Your Career – Ten Rules of the Road
Building a career that you love and stays relevant requires a willingness to take chances, form smart alliances and keep your sense of humor. This program lays out ten rules to get you there.

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