Getting Started
How to Use This Journal

This journal offers you a guide through The Journey of Not Knowing principles and an opportunity to apply them to your own life. It begins with your relationship with the unknown and the discomfort that comes with the new where the future is unknown. The journal then works through the core journey principles.

While the organization of the journal has a linear quality, brains work differently, having unique needs and learning styles. Feel free to skip around to wherever you want to go to do your best work.

The Toolkit

1. Questions: You can write as little or as much as you want to focus your thoughts, ignite your imagination, and answer the questions.

2. Exercises: These are starting points. You are encouraged to go beyond them and dive deeper in this journal or in a separate notebook.

3. Free Write: The word “free” means just that. Do not edit, cut, or censor yourself. This journal is for your use only, unless you choose to share it. Allowing the thoughts to flow in whatever way or order they appear will bring you closer to your most honest feelings.

4. Checklists: These are starting points to inquiry. If they spur further insights, write them in the spaces provided or annotate in the margins. There is no extra credit for neatness. It is discouraged, unless it inspires you to think better.

5. Study Aids: Examples are given to catalyze your thinking if your find yourself stuck for an answer when working on an exercise.

6. Moments of Self-Reflection: These related insights could apply to any resistance you might have to the issues raised.

7. Lessons from the Front: These are stories that illustrate lessons about people who have embarked on their own journeys of not knowing.

8. Journey Snippets: To illustrate the material, included are a few examples from the Arrow, Inc., story in the Journey book.

9. Journey Mileposts: These summarize and reinforce the major themes of The Journey of Not Knowing for you to use in this journal and afterward.