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The Journal of Not Knowing

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Coming this Fall: The Journal of Not Knowing, a companion workbook guide to The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None.

We all have dreams, big and small, but how do we overcome our fears to make them happen? They could fail. People might laugh, resist, or . . . love them. We won’t know until we try. How do we summon the courage to try new ideas to make things better, for ourselves and for others? Whether we are leading an organization or looking to make a personal change, The Journal of Not Knowing will guide its readers through a mission of self-discovery.

The journal offers a companion workbook guide to The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None. To be used in conjunction with the Journey book or by itself, the workbook contains provocative questions, exercises, and other tools to explore the Journey principles of navigating the unknown, dealing with risk, and the Core Four principles.

Based on many years of work with The Journey of Not Knowing program participants, The Journal of Not Knowing will allow you to work with others or on your own to answer key questions that stand between you and your dreams for making things better.

The journal will help you explore and create a plan to address:

  • Your relationship with the unknown.
  • How you handle not knowing whether your ideas will turn out, including people’s reactions to them (and you).
  • How discomfort with uncertainty shows up in your life and gets in the way of you trying new ideas and behaviors.
  • How you can get comfortable with the discomfort of the risk that comes with the unknown.
  • How you can avoid sabotaging yourself with defensive behaviors.
  • What purpose will give you fuel to navigate the discomfort of the unknown you might encounter on the way to pursuing your dreams.

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The Journey of Not Knowing
How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None

The Journey of Not Knowing offers a fast paced, entertaining read that goes to the heart of a critical state in today’s business climate and society overall: the constantly changing 21st Century with uncharted waters ahead. This book advances a new approach to leading change that will inspire leaders of any size organization, and anyone else wishing to pursue new possibilities, to see the discomfort of the unknown as an adventure rather than an obstacle to building a better future.

The book combines storytelling, business experience, and human psychology. Written as a fable, it follows an eight-member leadership team of a fictional company through one business day. At the end of that day, they have to explain to a critical new client why a former client fired them. None of the team members knows why and until asked, had carefully avoided the issue. The story delves into their defended behaviors as they work first to ignore and then to solve the mystery. The memorable characters in the book are persons with whom readers might cringingly identify. It also might trigger insights into their own ineffective behaviors when faced with the unknown.

The book opens with a formative event the author experienced as an executive in Amazon’s early days. It closes with the Journey of Not Knowing leadership model to start readers on their own journeys into the unknown.

Editorial Reviews:

“The Journey of Not Knowing beautifully breaks the business book mold and should be required reading for leaders…(It) uses a cleverly constructed parable to demonstrate how to navigate business uncertainty. In modern business, one of the most significant challenges leaders face is moving an organization forward even when the answers to critical questions may be unknown. Coping with “not knowing” is the theme of Julie Benezet’s expertly written book.”
— Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Benezet offers a management handbook geared toward the unconventional in the modern business world . . . [She] makes crystalline sense; for example, she writes relatively early on that it’s more important than ever for managers to know themselves—to know . . .“who you are and for what you stand” in a world of shifting expectations and constantly looming unknowns. This idea is related to the “core drivers” of her book, concentrated in the “Core Four” components . . . that deal with “the relationship between leadership and the unknown.” . . . In her explorations of these components, Benezet is at her most authoritative. A largely involving story-oriented breakdown of how to chart a steady managerial course in uncharted territory.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“…This book contains many jewels on how one deals with making decisions based on uncertain information. Despite the ubiquitous reliance on data collection and analysis, many business decisions are still based on a form of intuition. In most cases, the most important thing is to have the courage to act on those beliefs rather than playing it safe and eventually sorry.”
— Charles Ashbacher, Charles Ashbacher Reviews, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer

“Ms. Benezet’s background in psychology, anthropology, the law, and her business experience coalesce into a single, multi-dimensional book that also shows off her gift of storytelling. . . (T)he description of the Journey of Not Knowing model . . . was a remarkable compendium of basic truths about working within complex organizations . . .”
— Ken Majer, Midwest Book Review

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