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The Journey of Not Knowing Book Cover
Now Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ebooks Everywhere

After two years in the making (not counting four years of thinking), I can answer the question, “WHERE is the book?” withThe Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None is currently available on AmazonBarnes & Noble & eBooks everywhere.”

I now understand what authors mean when they describe writing and producing a book as its own kind of journey. I would not add the adjective, “heroic.” Writing a book is basically a long, challenging and obsessive-compulsive slog.  It also is fun and intellectually rewarding.

The Book:  The Journey of Not Knowing offers a new approach to one of the most elusive leadership capacities needed for the future: navigating the unknown. My goal for the book is to inspire everyone who leads, whether it is a large corporation or small project team, to see the unknown as a source of opportunity rather than a deterrent to pursuing the new ideas needed for organizations to compete for customers, capital and talent in the 21st Century.

The Story:  Through the vehicle of a story about an eight-member leadership team of a fictional company, The Journey of Not Knowing follows the defended behaviors of its very recognizable characters through their efforts to avoid and then solve the mystery of why a client fired them. The reward of the discovery is a critical piece of new business and substantial personal growth. The book begins with the description of an experience from my Amazon days and ends with a primer on the Journey of Not Knowing leadership model.

The Expression of Gratitude:  No slog takes place without the invaluable help of others. Many of you have offered advice, feedback and words of encouragement while I worked on this book. For these gifts, I deeply thank you.

The Launch Request:  With the book being finished, I now have one more request for help from you. The way that books get noticed and read these days is through their searchability on the web via book distribution sites, Google, media coverage and most importantly, social media. That last one is where you come in. With this message, I am launching a campaign to spread the word about this book. If you are willing, it would mean a lot if you could…

  1. Buy the book if you’re interested.
  2. Share this post, tweet, and talk about the book on social networks.

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More information is on our Journey of Not Knowing website book page:

Thank you so much for your generosity of time and support!  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Everything takes a village!

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