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Two years ago, when I finally sat down to write The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None, I had no idea what lay ahead. No doubt I was living my own creed of living in the unknown. Anne Lamott, author of Bird by Bird, the seminal work on the writer’s life, said that the only reason to write is because you love it, since it will not make you rich, famous, or even like yourself. Great . . .

Well, now I get what she was saying. Writing is a private act whose endpoint gets flung out into the public eye, if you are gutsy or daft enough to do so. I’m not sure which one describes me, but publishing my book last fall started a process I did not know, much less understand. One year later I have come to understand many things, most important among them is how writing can lead to conversations.


Another thing I’ve learned is that admission to the writers’ tribe requires having an author’s website, a spot to plunk down one’s thinking in written form and encourage others to read it.

Soooo, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my new author’s website, Aside from providing a home for my Journey book, I wanted to create a space to hold conversations on venturing into new, unknown places, taking chances to make ourselves and others better, and decoding human behavior in the 21st Century.

In addition to information on The Journey of Not Knowing book, the website contains blog posts, and interviews and articles and, when relevant, leadership and career development tools. The suggestion box is open on what else you would like to see, or not.

The Best Part

I wrote the Journey book to create a good read that does some good. While writing may not make me rich, famous, or even like myself, I have discovered how satisfying it is to line ideas together, touch people’s hearts and minds, and, even better, inspire them to pause, think, and act. If they are willing to share what they discover, even better.

I have heard from many of you about the book, directly or via Amazon reviews (feel free to add one if you haven’t yet), and have loved hearing what thoughts and/or actions it sparked. Learning what you have to say is great grist for the mill because such grist starts the conversation.

The Latest News

NPR interview on The Jefferson Exchange: Ashland Author Gives Advice For Journeying Into the Unknown

Also introducing, “The View From the Treehouse”


To prime the pump of learning and sharing, in October I will send out the first installment of my new blog series, “The View from the Treehouse.” In addition to sharing lessons gleaned from years of working with leaders and the Journey of Not Knowing program, it will focus on the entrepreneurial mindset needed to succeed in the 21st Century, stories about those who are navigating that domain, and tales of people working their way through the mysterious twists and turns of the labyrinth that is modern day life.

Thank you for your indispensable and much appreciated support on this leg of the journey.

Coming October 31, 2017!  

The Journey of Not Knowing Adds Audio.

Pre-ordering available now.

The Journey of Not Knowing Book Cover

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